Shaft Weight – How much is too little or too much?

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Articles

Unless they are a beginner, golfers become used to a certain swing feel in their clubs.

This can become an unwelcome bias when being fit by a professional fitter for the first time.  If they are used to swinging a 130 gram iron shaft, a shaft weighing less than 100 grams may feel too light.  So why might you want a lighter shaft?  In three words… increased swing speed.

In the quest for more distance, shaft manufacturers have found new materials that allow them to make lighter shafts… and allow you to increase your swing speed.  However, it should be noted that lighter weigh shafts are more suited to those with smoother swings and heavier shafts can actually help those with quicker swings make better contact.  Since golf ball contact is about synchronizing a complex set of body movements, some players sync better with lighter weight shafts, some with heavier.  Testing different weight shafts under the eyes of a professional fitter is the fastest and least expensive way to determine what works best for your swing.


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Al Humphrey

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