The Club Building Process

I hand-build each and every club to the exact performance specifications determined at your custom swing fitting.  My build shop contains all of the master tools needed to build your clubs to spec.  No mass production or short cuts taken here… each club is checked and double checked for accuracy of the build.  Each club requires about an hour of build time.  All this individual attention ensures each club I build meets the exact specification of each customer, and the exact performance characteristics which were determined in the fitting session.

Preferred Brands


PURE Grips

PURE is a great grip if you are looking for a tacky and soft feel.  They offer many advantages…

Tapeless Installation – PURE grips require no adhesive tape or solvents.  They are installed and removed with compressed air.  This means they are ready to play immediately after installation.  No waiting for the solvent to dry.  The grip can also be adjusted and removed without cutting it off the shaft.

12 month durability guarantee – If you somehow wear out a grip in 12 months, PURE will send you a new one for free.

Tackiness in various weather conditions – designed to be moisture and heat resistant.

Made in USA


Iomic offers grips in a very wide variety of styles and color combinations.  Their focus is on grip technology to reduce torque and offer superior traction.  They are available in some crazy patterns as well as color combinations not seen in other grip brands.  If you want to live on the wild side, check these out!

Winn Grips

New for 2015, this standard size Dri-Tac Wrap has a contoured feel in a classic wrap-style design.  WinnDry polymer provides cushion and comfort with exceptional non-slip all-weather performance.

Mizuno Favorites

Here is a list of my Mizuno Favorites.  I keep this listed updated as new products are released and tested by me and my clients.  Of course, you always get the equipment you prefer and that works best for your game.  The equipment is not listed in any particular order as they are all first class and similar in performance once they are fitted for you.

The MP-18 Series

Blades - SC - MMC - Fli-Hi

Mizuno mp-18 blades


MP-18 SC


mp-18 mmc


mp-18 fli-hi


JPX-900 Series

Tour - Forged - Hot Metal

Mizuno JPX-900 Tour Iron


Mizuno JPX-900 Forged Iron


Mizuno JPX-900 Hot Metal Iron

Hot Metal


Aerotech Steelfiber

SteelFiber Shafts are my current favorite for golfers looking for the ultimate in distance, control and vibration dampening.  These shafts are graphite composite in construction and offer performance characteristics unheard of just a few years ago.  They are suitable for use by golfers at any handicap level.  From 30+ to PGA Touring Professional.  To date, we have provided more than 15 sets of Steel Fiber shafted irons, from 100-106mph 6i swing speeds, to seniors striving to recover distances they once enjoyed.

Combining  a high modulus graphite core, and over 59 miles of steel fiber covering each shaft surface, the graphite core provides vibration dampening while the steel fibers optimize wall thickness, increasing hoop strength, providing increased club head speed, added distance, and stability at impact for pinpoint accuracy.

Steel Fiber irons shafts… More accurate, less chance of elbow or shoulder injury, less fatigue, and at least 1 club longer -in most every case- than your current set.


KBS has become a dominant player in Steet shafts.  Although only in business since 2008, they have created a loyal following of amateurs and professionals.  For players that prefer steel, KBS is the “go to” choice.



If your preferences (and swing) dictate, I can also help you find more exotic or specialty shafts for use in drivers, hybrids, and wedges.  The options available for shafts are nearly endless, but I can help you sort through those that are appropriate for your swing profile.

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