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Shaft Weight – How much is too little or too much?

Unless they are a beginner, golfers become used to a certain swing feel in their clubs. This can become an unwelcome bias when being fit by a professional fitter for the first time.  If they are used to swinging a 130 gram iron shaft, a shaft weighing less than 100...

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Part 2 of Shaft Flex – What is it really?

In my last post we left off with the question “Isn’t close enough OK”? The answer to that question, like many great questions in golf is… it depends.  It depends on how “dialed in” you want to be with your equipment.  I can tell you that in many fittings I have done...

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Shaft Flex – What is it really?

Golf shaft flex is typically defined by shaft manufacturers by a scale consisting of the designations of L, A, R, S, X. In this scale, L is the most flexible and X is the stiffest.  The simple “rule of thumb” that the faster your swing speed the stiffer a shaft you...

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Club Fitting

A club fitting with Custom Golf Biz-GA means your game can now benefit from what was only previously enjoyed by PGA professionals.

The Edge

Greater accuracy + Increased distance = Lower Scores.  Custom Golf Biz – GA is the expert and will give your golf game the edge you are looking for.

Club Building

I use state of the art technology to design and build each golf club to make it uniquely suited to your swing and physical attributes.
If you haven’t been professionally fit by Al, you probably are playing with the wrong clubs.  It only required a little time with Al for me to discover a better option than “off the shelf” clubs.  With Al’s careful analysis the improvement in my ball striking was immediate.  Custom golf clubs are the answer for me.  This great game is fun again!  Thanks Al! B.M.

I approach every club or club set I contract, with the goal to produce the absolute best club or set, that the client has ever experienced.

My club assembly methods are unique, in that they do not follow industry mass production standards, but are very precise, with the end goal of elevating the client’s golfing enjoyment to new heights.

I strive for exceptional results, stemming from ‘special sauce’ shaft application techniques…..not available in most areas of the country.

Center Face impacts, straight, repeatable shots…….more distance…..and lower scores, are our goals for every client! Al Humphrey


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