Mizuno ST-180 and GT-180 Fairway Metal Woods

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Articles, Equipment

Mizuno #3 and #5 metal woods are designed to produce maximum distance.  The unique sole wave structure helps flex the thin, high strength Maraging steel faces.  Optimized energy transfer results in higher and longer the ball flights.
The 3 and 5 metal woods can be very valuable clubs in your bag.  They typically are not used often, but when they are conditions can be demanding.  They are the 2nd and 3rd ‘longest’ clubs in the bag and are used to hit the golf ball travel 20-25% less than the driver. Fairway woods are generally hit off the ground, but can be used to tee off on shorter holes, or sharp ‘dogleg’ holes…with a tee.
Each fairway wood has 4 degrees of adjust-ability, 2+ and 2-.  The 15 degree 3 wood can be adjusted as low a 13 degrees and as high as 17 degrees.  The 5 wood is adjustable as low as 16 degrees and as high as 20 degrees.  There is loft adjust-ability to fit your game.

Both woods come in classic Mizuno blue with a variety of Mitsuibishi premium shaft options.  With several Mitsubishi premium shafts available, we can optimize the right loft and shaft combination to fit your swing.

Al Humphrey

Al Humphrey

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