Mizuno ST-180 and GT-180 Drivers

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Mizuno drivers have long been underrated.  In recent years, Mizuno drivers have gotten a bit more respect in a field where they have to compete with big budget drivers from Callaway and Taylormade.

The image as a leading driver manufacturer began to change a couple of years ago with the release of the JPX-900 driver.  The JPX-900 driver started getting good reviews from prominent Internet reviewers.  Rick Shiels (link), Golfalot (link), and PluggedInGolf (link) brought the Mizuno JPX-900 out of the pack and into the spotlight of top tier drivers. 


The technology brought to market with the JPX-900 driver continues with the most recent releases… the ST-180 and GT-180 drivers.
The ST-180 will be most attractive to the player looking for lower spin and does not care about weight and center of gravity adjustability in the head as the ST-180 has no sliding weights.  It does however have the ability to be adjusted for loft as much as 2* up and 1* degree down.  According to a review at Golfalot (link), finding the right loft and launch conditions can make quite a difference.  Of course, finding the right settings for you is where a good fitting helps… 😊
The recently released GT-180 is more of a direct upgrade to the prior model JPX-900.  It has all manner of sliding weights and adjustable lofts.  It is the ultimate in head adjustability.  A review from the Golfalot site (link) can provide you details and specs on this fine driver.
All current Mizuno driver models offer a variety of [13] Mitsubishi Tensei and Kuro Kage premium shaft options.  As a professional fitter, I can help you sort through the “fog” of which driver shaft offered by Mizuno might be best for your swing.  …or if you prefer we can explore shaft options outside those offered by Mizuno, such as ACCRA or Aerotech Claymore.
The driver is the  2nd  most used club in the bag, after the putter.  Make your driver one of the best.
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