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Mizuno’s MP series of irons are legendary.  The MP series covers the gamut of better players irons with blade and cavity back designs.  They are famous for their soft/buttery feel at impact and their classic chrome looks.  But don’t think that means only the best players get benefit from the MP line.  There is plenty of technology built into the MP line and even more so with the current releases.

The MP-18 models are basically 3 ½ sets designed in such a way that you can mix and match them to suit your game.  Blended sets of irons are becoming more popular and the MP line is designed to maximize your ability to have irons that look and feel similar while you embrace the technology offered by the different models.  All models feature forged heads and minimal offset.
MP-18 Blades are the simple, but weight shifted enhanced muscle back design.  The technology here is in the feel at impact and the look at address.  Lofts are standard Tour lofts [ 6i = 30*] which is 2-3* weaker than other Mizuno iron sets.  The 4 iron is 24*, the 7 iron is 34* , the Pitching Wedge is 46*.  Nobody does blades better than Mizuno.
MP-18 SC is a cavity-back design with weight low and behind the clubface.  It is designed for the golfer that is looking a little help on off-center strikes, but wants the look and feel of blades.  The lofts are the same as the MP-18 blades.
MP-18 MMC is a cavity back design with  Multi-Material Construction (thus MMC).  Tungsten weighting combined with titanium and the 1025E carbon steel are all blended in various parts of the club head to provide more forgiveness in a iron that still looks like a blade when you place it behind the ball.  The tungsten weighting is only used on the #4 – #7 irons to help with forgiveness and launch the ball higher.  Lofts are 2* stronger in the 4 and 7 iron (22* and 32*), but scaled to 46* in the Pitching Wedge.
Now that I have introduced the main 3 sets, it’s time for the ½ set.  Mizuno has introduced an MP-18 Fli-Hi model for the #2 thru #6 irons.  The Fli-Hi model is a cavity back design similar in appearance to the SC model.  More tungsten is placed near the bottom of the club, with a wider sole,  making the #2-#6 irons easier to launch higher, longer.   For those players that either don’t like hybrids or prefer a more forgiving long iron that has a thinner top line, the Fli-Hi’s were made for you.  The lofts are 2 degrees stronger than the blades or SC series, but can be blended seamlessly with the MMC model or strong lofted SC model.
As you can see the new MP series is an exciting  multi-facted set, offering  a variety of options to suit your game.  If you are looking at Mizuno irons (and you should be…😊), I can help you mix and match the various models to suit your swing.


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