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Mizuno JPX irons were at one time where considered to be the game improvement line of Mizuno clubs.  With the most recent release of the 900 series, three JPX 900 models are available … Tour, Forged, and Hot Metal.  Each of these models were designed with a different player in mind.

Mizuno JPX-900 Tour Iron
The JPX900 Tour is a cavity back design with a smaller head than the other two models.  It has less forgiveness in its design and will be best suited for the golfer looking for a better “players iron”.  Off-center hits will provide more feedback on the strike than irons designed for more forgiveness.  The finish is satin, so sun reflections are almost non-existent.  The heads are forged to give you that soft feel the Mizuno is famous for.  If you like a blade look in a slightly larger head, the JPX 900 Tour is definitely worth a look.
For a more detailed review of the JPX900 Tour with specs, check out this site  (link).


Mizuno JPX-900 Forged Iron
The JPX 900 Forged are the next step in JPX 900 game improvement irons.  Designed for the player looking for more forgiveness without a “chunky” look, the Forged model fills a great space in the JPX model lineup.  It has been designed to appeal to the single digit handicapper that prefers blades to the mid handicappers looking for the forged “feel”.  Like the Tour model, it has a smaller head than most game improvement irons and incorporates a satin finish that reduces reflective distractions.  The cavity back design carries throughout the set.  The lower number irons have the weight distributed lower to on the back of the club head to help with increasing the height of the ball flight.  The 7-PW “scoring clubs” still offer superior forgiveness, but are designed to be a little more blade-like.   For a more detailed review of the JPX900 Forged with specs, check out this site  (link).

Mizuno JPX-900 Hot Metal Iron

The JPX 900 Hot Metal is designed for the golfer looking for maximum game improvement in the Mizuno line-up.  The Hot Metal is cast instead of forged to offer maximum distance for all swing speeds.  The sole of the clubs is wider to help with forgiveness on fat shots.  With more weight in the sole of the club, it also helps with launching the ball higher.  This is especially helpful for those with slower swing speeds.  The topline look is a bit more “chunky” than the other JPX irons, but some golfers prefer this look to a thin blade topline.  Overall a very good fit for 10 and higher handicap players looking for more distance and height in their shots.  For a more detailed review of the JPX900 Hot Metal with specs, check out this site (link).


All of the JPX iron models are available with multiple shaft options to suit your swing.  If your favorite shafts are good fit for you, I can even install new JPX 900 heads on your shafts.  Let me know if I can help.
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