Why be custom fit?

Custom-fit golf clubs are hotly debated in locker rooms, sports magazines and online golf forums.  Interestingly, a largely overlooked reason to pursue perfectly individualized clubs is that many golfers never develop proper techniques and meet their potential -because they are always compensating for clubs that do not meet their individual requirements.  A set of clubs tailored to your swing, physique and posture will certainly add to your fun and on-course performance.  Check out this 4 minute video by Tom Wishon (bio here) for an expert’s perspective…

We (and our clients) believe that fitting is for everyone who plays this marvelous game… it does not depend on your current skill level.  We work with golfers at all skill levels to determine the best equipment fit.  Depending on your skill level, you may have different goals for the short and long term.  Regardless of those goals, a custom fitting provides the data to take your game to next level.  See more below…

Two Fitting Locations

Monroe Golf and Country Club

The Monroe Golf and Country Club in Monroe, GA is a full service club with golf, dining, swimming, and tennis.  The golf facilities feature a 300+ yard range with grass tees… perfect for your fitting.  Our fitting cart is “parked” at the Pro Shop with the various premium quality shafts and heads I use to determine your perfect “fit”.  Our Mizuno Fitting Cart includes over 25 Aerotech/Steel Fiber shafts, easily adapted to Mizuno iron heads. It is the only Mizuno Fitting Cart in Georgia offering Tour winning Steel Fiber shafts, combined with Mizuno high performance forged heads.

Chateau Elan Legends Golf Course

Sean Cain (the one on the left) is the head professional at Chateau Elan Legends and offers an elite facility with driving range and access to a Flightscope launch monitor for the most precise fitting possible.  The Legends course is a private club, so arrangements must be made in advance of your fitting to gain access to the facilities there.

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