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The #1 Driver in golf may not be the best driver for your game... Earlier this week, posted an interesting article on how the #1 driver in golf might NOT be the best driver for you.  This is a point of view that gets lost in all of the marketing and...

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Shaft Bend Profile – What is that???

Bend profile is the how the stiffness of a shaft is distributed over the entire length of the shaft. The most common variations are butt stiff, butt flexible, tip stiff, and tip flexible.  More recently, shaft engineering has progressed to even more progressive...

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Shaft Weight – How much is too little or too much?

Unless they are a beginner, golfers become used to a certain swing feel in their clubs. This can become an unwelcome bias when being fit by a professional fitter for the first time.  If they are used to swinging a 130 gram iron shaft, a shaft weighing less than 100...

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Part 2 of Shaft Flex – What is it really?

In my last post we left off with the question “Isn’t close enough OK”? The answer to that question, like many great questions in golf is… it depends.  It depends on how “dialed in” you want to be with your equipment.  I can tell you that in many fittings I have done...

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Shaft Flex – What is it really?

Golf shaft flex is typically defined by shaft manufacturers by a scale consisting of the designations of L, A, R, S, X. In this scale, L is the most flexible and X is the stiffest.  The simple “rule of thumb” that the faster your swing speed the stiffer a shaft you...

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The Golf Club Shaft – Engine or Transmission?

Ever heard someone say “the shaft is the engine of the golf club”? That creates a pretty clear picture of the shaft’s importance, but is probably a bit inaccurate.  Noted club designer Tom Wishon wrote an article a few years back that likened the club shaft to be more...

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NEW – Mizuno ST-180 Driver and fairway woods

Mizuno is releasing a new driver model... the ST-180... To see how it compares to today's best drivers, head over to this page at MyGolfSpy. And fairway woods...    If you want to find out if they might work for you, contact me to schedule an appointment. With club...

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SteelFiber Victory in SAS Senior Championship

Another week... another win on a professional tour... this time the SAS Champoinship on the Champions Tour. More details here... With club making and fitting skills honed over 20+ years, I craft golf clubs that fit your game.  I believe that custom-fitted golf clubs...

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Another Tour Victory for SteelFiber

SteelFiber keeps adding to its victory totals at the Safeway Open...  details here. With club making and fitting skills honed over 20+ years, I craft golf clubs that fit your game.  I believe that custom-fitted golf clubs made to your specifications will improve...

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