My Grip Favorites

Grips are all about FEEL.  Like your swing, everyone is looking for something a little different.  From soft and tacky to firm and not sticky, I can help you find a grip that works best for your game. Grips are sized in Standard, Midsize, Oversize/Jumbo, Undersize,... read more

My Mizuno Favorites

Here is a list of my Mizuno Favorites.  I keep this listed updated as new products are released and tested by me and my clients.  Of course, you always get the equipment you prefer and that works best for your game.  The equipment is not listed in any particular order... read more

My Shaft Favorites

Shaft technology is ever changing.  It is a highly competitive area that requires that I stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest developments.  I sort through the various options and select the shaft that is right for YOUR swing.  Every swing is different and the... read more



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