Your golf game can be better than it is… a fitting can provide the answers to…

More distance from each club

More center of the club ball contact

More accuracy and control


You are making this game harder than needs to be… by continuing to play equipment that is not matched to your swing.  For every length, lie, loft and any other element that is not matched to your game, you will be required to make adjustments or some swing manipulation, in order to square that club face and make solid, consistent contact. This is a highly technical game (and getting more so all the time) and that is one reason you need to stop limiting your game with unfit, off the shelf, equipment. Stop wasting hours and hours in the retail stores trying to find a set that matches you.  Get the equipment you have now tuned to your swing… or buy new fitted clubs… either way you end up with equipment that can take you to the next level.

Incorrectly adapted clubs, generally cause swing faults… incorrect length, total weight, shaft stiffness, or a combination of all these factors.  I initially conduct an interview to determine… what’s working; what’s not; and measure those clubs perceived to be causing impact issues, to locate the possible club equipment issues, causing the swing faults.  Once existing club data is collected, and compared to swing technique, then ‘demo’ clubs of varying head types and shaft configurations are used to refine and move toward the final fitted club recommendation

I am an experienced,  skilled fitter who is capable of guiding you to equipment that is ideal for your swing, and requires nothing but your natural swing.

Choose EASY!

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