In my last post we left off with the question “Isn’t close enough OK”? 

The answer to that question, like many great questions in golf is… it depends.  It depends on how “dialed in” you want to be with your equipment.  I can tell you that in many fittings I have done for both recreational and professional golfers, I found that their off the shelf equipment was losing them both distance and accuracy.  They thought they had a nice feeling set of clubs that they selected at the local pro shop or big box store.  The look on their faces when a test club adds an extra 10 yards is priceless!

Ok, let’s get back to CPM.  While not an absolute measure of shaft performance, it is a more accurate gauge of shaft flex than the label on the shaft.  A CPM measurement allows the club fitter to put a number for comparison purposes on your existing set of irons, driver, and hybrids.  When I know what you are used to, I can offer options during testing that more closely match your swing tempo.  Swing tempo is defined for our purposes as either smooth or quick.  Fred Couples has a smooth tempo, Nick Price a quick tempo.  There is no correct tempo for all golfers, but there is a correct tempo for you.  Your club’s shaft and its CPM measurement should match your tempo.

So the bottom line with shaft flex is… ignore the shaft label and get fit to get the most distance and accuracy for your particular swing.


Al Humphrey

Professional Club Fitter
Master Club Builder