Shaft technology is ever changing.  It is a highly competitive area that requires that I stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest developments.  I sort through the various options and select the shaft that is right for YOUR swing.  Every swing is different and the shaft is the club component that requires the most attention.  It must be right for you get the best results from your swing.


Aerotech Shafts

SteelfiberSteelFiber Shafts are my current favorite for golfer looking for the ultimate in distance, control and vibration dampening.  These shafts are graphite composite in construction and offer performance characteristics un heard of just a few years ago.  They are suitable for use by golfers at any handicap level.  From 30+ to PGA Touring Professional.  To date, we have provided more than 15 sets of Steel Fiber shafted irons, from 100-106mph 6i swing speeds, to seniors striving to recover distances they once enjoyed.

SteelFiber-core-1024x472Combining  a high modulus graphite core, and over 59 miles of steel fiber covering each shaft surface, the graphite core provides vibration dampening while the steel fibers optimize wall thickness, increasing hoop strength, providing increased club head speed, added distance, and stability at impact for pinpoint accuracy.

Steel Fiber irons shafts…………..More accurate, less chance of elbow or shoulder injury, less fatigue, and at least 1 club longer in most every case, than your current set.


KBS Shafts

KBS has become a dominant player in Steet shafts.  Although only in business since 2008, they have created a loyal following of amateurs and professionals.  For players that prefer steel, KBS is the “go to” choice.


Specialty Shafts

If your preferences (and swing) dictate, I can also help you find more exotic or specialty shafts for use in drivers, hybrids, and wedges.  The options available for shafts are nearly endless, but I can help you sort through those that are appropriate for your swing profile.